Punti cardinali.


Sul tetto della piccola scuola elementare di Somero  (quella che frequentava mio marito da bambino,  recandovisi qualche volta anche con gli sci in pieno inverno!),  sventola una graziosa banderuola bianca con un bel galletto…


Naturalmente le lettere che indicano i quattro punti cardinali sono diverse dalle nostre in italia:  P,  I,  E,  L.  Paese che vai…banderuola che trovi!

Pohjoinen – Nord   /   Etelä – Sud   /   Itä – Est   /   Länsi – Ovest.

Cardinal Points.       

On the roof of the small primary school of Somero you can see a graceful weathervane with a white cock revolving in the wind.  (This is the school that my husband attended as a child:  sometimes in winter he went by skis!)

Of course here in Finland the letters indicating the four cardinal points are different:  P,  I,  E,  L.  Different country…different weathervane!

Pohjoinen – North   /   Etelä – South   /   Itä – East   /   Länsi – West.


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46 risposte a "Punti cardinali."

  1. I don’t know what ‘Aapiskukko’ is in English – google said this ‘rooster with raised pointer stick in one foot – symbol of learning and wisdom used since 1700’s primarily in ABC books’. So the cock / rooster weathervane fits so well to elementary school!

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  2. Love that you often capture something typical for your two cultures! My first impression was that placing of the weather vane – silver like in the big cloud – beautifully placed. Wow, your hubby sometimes went with skis to school – how romantic:) Many thanks for sharing this fun detail for All Seasons! Wishing you a very good week and inspiration, Jesh

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