Bolle di sapone.

(English text at the bottom)IMG_3737


Un bel giorno d’inverno con temperatura esterna -15C ho provato a fare qualche bolla di sapone.  Ci sono riuscita:  le bolle resistevano per qualche secondo prima di scomparire nell’aria.  Quindi:  fino a 15 gradi sottozero e’ possibile divertirsi con questo gioco.

Nella foto sotto invece vedete l’effetto di una bolla che ha tentato un congelamento rapido prima di esplodere:  si e’ come cristallizzata e poi spezzata.  L’effetto e’ stato molto pittoresco.


Se viene tenuto in aria per un po’,  pero’,  il sapone inizia a protestare per il freddo:  si cristallizza e diventa inutile soffiarlo:


E infine,  dopo essermi divertita con le bolle,  mi sono divertita con le loro foto…





Soap Bubbles.

One beautiful winter day with an outside temperature of -15C (5F),   I went out to make some soap bubbles.  I succeeded:  the bubbles remained and floated for a few seconds before disappearing into the air.  So,  up to 5F degrees it is possible to have fun with this game.

In shot number three you can see the effect of a bubble that attempted a quick freeze before exploding:  it crystallized and then broke.  The effect was very picturesque.

If you keep the soap in the air for a while,  however,  it becomes solid like thin glass.  Useless to try to blow it.

And finally,  after having fun with the bubbles,  I had fun with some edited photos …  😉



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53 thoughts on “Bolle di sapone.

  1. That’s not something that you think about in cold weather, but it sure looks like fun! You got some really great photos, too.

    It’s great to see your link at ‘My Corner of the World’ this week!

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  2. This is a new idea to me, but fun! Before I read your text I saw the bubble, and I thought that mus be a reflection – haha. Glad you had fun with this and shared it with All Seasons! Have a great week, Jesh

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