A metà maggio,  appena il nostro melo ha fatto sbocciare i suoi bei fiori bianchi,  la splendida farfalla Vanessa Antiopa (Nymphalis Antiopa),  in Finnico:  Suruvaippa,  si è precipitata a suggerne il nettare;  così facendo li ha impollinati,  per farci poi godere dei frutti in autunno.  Servizievole!





Questa farfalla in particolare ha ben 55-75 mm di apertura alare. 

Per chi di voi non lo sapesse,  la giornata delle farfalle segue ritmi precisi:  si attivano al mattino appena la temperatura raggiunge almeno i 15 gradi C e svolazzano per procurarsi il cibo fin verso il tardo pomeriggio,  solitamente rimanendo all’interno del proprio territorio.  Dopodichè si scelgono un posto dove passare la notte:  spesso negli anfratti della corteccia degli alberi o al punto di congiunzione fra tronco e rami,  come potete vedere nelle foto seguenti.  In serata o di notte volano solo le falene.






As soon as our apple tree bloomed in mid-May,  the fascinating Nymphalis Antiopa,  known as Mourning cloak or Camberwell Beauty,  in Finnish:  Suruvaippa,  immediately took advantage of its white flowers.   By savouring the nectar of course the butterfly pollinated the flowers,  giving us the possibility to enjoy with fruits next Autumn.  How helpful!

For those of you who do not know:   butterflies follow strict rules and routine in their daytime life.   They awake in the morning not before temperatures are at least 15 degrees C;  they fly all day long in search for food,  usually within their own territory,  until late afternoon.   After that,  they choose a place where to spend the night:  it can easily be a slot in a tree bark or at the junction between trunk and branches,  as you can see in my last shots.   During the night only moths are active.

This butterfly in particular has a 55-75 mm wingspan.



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53 thoughts on “Servizievole.

  1. Hello,

    I love your butterfly images. Thank you for linking up your post today. Thanks also for all your visits and past comments! Happy Sunday, enjoy your day and new week ahead.

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  2. It is butterfly season to be sure. Yesterday our yard was full of Red Admirals, but also Cabbage White, Eastern Comma, Monarch and Eastern Tiger Swallowtail. It was great to be sipping wine on the patio in warm summer weather with butterflies flitting around.

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