Sport di mezza estate.


Una scena che non ho potuto non riprendere:  una persona in volo sopra la mia testa la settimana scorsa nelle campagne attorno a Somero.  Io a terra non potevo neppure immaginare la felicita’ che stava provando lui (o lei) in quel momento…Volare…oh…oh!  🙂



Midsummer Sports.    

This is something I could not skip filming:  somebody was happily hovering in the air above my head last week.  It happened in the Finnish countryside and I was biking down a sandy road.  I tried to imagine what happiness that person was feeling in that moment…Volare…oh…oh!  😉



28 thoughts on “Sport di mezza estate.

  1. Oh you were there at the right time! that must have made your day:) Volare, oh, oh – who sang that song again – was it Jaques Brel, or?
    Excited about your very special discovery in the sky! have an adventurous week!

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