La dolce Tiffany.

Tiff (6)

Tiff (7)

Vi presento la meravigliosa Tiffany,  una timida gattina che vive sulle sponde del lago di Garda con la sua padroncina.  Tiffany non è affatto una mondana,  contrariamente a quello che può far pensare il suo nome:  fa vita piuttosto ritirata e spesso guarda il mondo da un oblò. 



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(Le foto non sono mie,  ma della sua padroncina).

Sweet Tiffany.

Meet Tiffany,  a lovely kitten who lives in a small town by lake Garda.  As her name could suggest,  you might think Tiffany is a frivolous cat:  no way – she likes to stay home with her master and watch the world through a porthole.

(I was given these shots by her master).




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66 thoughts on “La dolce Tiffany.

  1. She looks like a sweetie! Great angles of your sweet cat:) Many thanks for sharing her with All Seasons! Wishing you a lovely week with nice weather (not too hot:) Jesh

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