Capitelli votivi.


In questo post vedete solo capitelli e nicchie dedicati a santi,  angeli o comunque figure importanti nella religione cattolica,  che,  come conosciamo bene noi Italiani,  si trovano praticamente ad ogni angolo di strada nei nostri paesi.  Sono testimonianze di fede e di preghiera. 

L’usanza di costruire tali capitelli/statue/effigi/edicole è totalmente avulsa in Finlandia.







Con questo post auguro la migliore Pasqua possibile a tutti voi!


In this post you see a series of votive niches or shrines dedicated to saints,  angels or other important figures of the Catholic religion,  which you can find wherever in Italy,  especially in older towns.  They are usually placed along streets or higher on a wall;  they can be simple or decorated,  with or without flowers or lamps,  old or more modern.  They are symbols of prayer and faith. 

You will not find them in Finland. 

With this post I want to wish you all the best Easter Sunday possible!


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34 thoughts on “Capitelli votivi.

  1. Hello, the statues are pretty. I was raised Catholic and went to Catholic church and schools. I believe everyone is entitled to their own religious beliefs. Take care, stay safe! Have a great day!

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  2. Isn’t it great to be able to enjoy the best of two cultures at the same time? That makes me wonder what is important at Easter in (Scandinavia) Finland, since Christmas is such an important feast. Lovely symbols of prayer and faith In Italy you are showing here and thank you for sharing them with us at All Seasons, Have a faith inspiring week, Jesh

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  3. Easter is celebrated in Scandinavia with family reunions and of course church services for those who believe. On Palm Sunday children decorate birch twigs and visit their neighbours… Thank you Jesh, have a lovely Easter Monday!


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