Un panettone per ogni occasione.



Una specialita’ golosissima e molto popolare in Italia da gustare nei buffet freddi o nelle feste,  magari prima del dolce,  e’ il panettone gastronomico:  composto di vari strati di pane tipo carre’ rigorosamente spalmati sotto e sopra con varie salse e farciti con affettati o tonno…  Si mangia con le mani a ci si imbratta sempre di salsa!  (In Finlandia esiste una specialita’ simile,  chiamata:  Voileipäkakku,  letteralmente:  torta ripiena;  che pero’ non e’ costruita in altezza,  ma quadrata).  Personalmente lo amo molto e lo propongo quando c’e’ un’ occasione:  da leccarsi i baffi!








A summery Panettone.      

In Italy we have a salty speciality we like to share during cold suppers or parties,  before a sweet dessert;  it is called:  Panettone gastronomico.  It consists of several layers of light toast-bread,  spreaded with various sauces on both sides and filled with salami,  pastrami,  ham or tuna…  We take each piece with hands and make ourselves dirt with sauce always!  But it is really tasty and appetizing:  I like it very much and share it with friends whenever I have a celebration.  (In Finland there is a similar preparation:  called  Voileipäkakku,  literally:  filled cake).   Mouth watering!

A curiosity for my international readers:  in Italy what we call Panettone is usually a sweet Christmas-time pastry!




23 thoughts on “Un panettone per ogni occasione.

  1. Oh my goodness, Luisella, that looks so tasty! 🙂
    I would add that the Finnish version of the panettone gastronomico could be called “voileipäkakku”. “Täytekakku” is usually sweet, I would say.
    Good appetite! xx

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