Il volo.

Buona domenica a tutti,  cari lettori.

Ho pensato di pubblicare una serie di post dedicati al tema:  FORTUNA.

Nelle mie foto:  il volo di una Gru sopra casa nostra.  La gru ha da sempre fama di portafortuna,  in molte culture e’ simbolo di lunga vita.  Il mito e’ nato perche’ la si vede tornare anno dopo anno dalle lunghe migrazioni,  unito al fatto che e’ cosi’ maestosa.  Molte compagnie aeree hanno scelto uccelli per i loro loghi e Lufthansa ha dichiaratamente scelto la gru.   (Fonte:  LH Inflight Magazine)

Il brano che accompagna la nostra domenica in musica si intitola:  “Il volo” ed e’ di Zucchero-Sugar-Fornaciari,  simpatico autore di  blues ma imbattibile nelle ballate come questa.

Buon ascolto! 

Happy Sunday,  dear readers! 

This is the first post of a series dedicated to the theme:  GOOD FORTUNE.

In my shots:  a Eurasian Crane is overflying our house.  Cranes generally stand for good fortune,  in many traditions they symbolize long life.  Interesting how the myth has originated:  because they are seen to come back in wedge formations year after year from their winter migrations and because they are so stately birds.  Numerous Airline companies have chosen birds as their logo and Lufthansa openly chose the Crane.  (Source:  LH Inflight Magazine).

For our musical Sunday I’ll share with you a pleasant song by Italian blues-man:  Zucchero-Sugar-Fornaciari.  He has a large production of ballads like this one,  besides being inspired by blues.  The title is:  “Il volo”,  that is:  “The Flight”.

Enjoy it! 

A short part of the text:  “I need something good to brighten my world / as good as you”.


32 thoughts on “Il volo.

  1. Cara Luisella….sei una grande…..avanti così.. bellissimo post e “buona fortuna” a tutti…quando tornerai in Italia….un buon caffè assieme. Un kissssss da Mara

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  2. In Greek mythology, the crane was assigned to Apollon, Demeter and Hermes. He was a symbol of vigilance and wisdom and was considered the “bird of luck”. However, he is a wonderful and noble bird, otherwise he would never have achieved this fame.

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  3. What wonderful birds – I have only seen them once – many years ago in Turkey.

    Hope all is well – Stewart M – Melbourne

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