Un uccellino “rock”!

2019jan (1)

…oppure “punk”,  se volete,  vista la cresta cosi’ particolare! 

Questo piccolissimo volatile,  stanziale in tutta la Finlandia fino in Lapponia,  che in inverno viene a colazione da noi ogni mattina e’ la Cincia dal ciuffo,  manco a dirlo!  (Lophophanes cristatus)In finnico si chiama:  Töyhtötiainen.  Dimensioni ridottissime:  e’ lunga 12 cm e pesa 10-13 grammi,  ma si fa valere in mezzo agli altri uccellini:  non si lascia portare via i bocconi migliori di cibo.  Questa cincia vive nelle foreste di conifere di tutta l’Europa settentrionale e da noi si trova in tutto l’arco Alpino;  non vive nel sud Italia e nel bacino del Mediterraneo.  Non e’ un migratore.  Maschio e femmina sono uguali ed hanno entrambi questa deliziosa crestina sul capo.

Ma quanto e’ “rock” la Natura??

2019jan (2)

2019jan (4)

2019jan (3)

2019jan (6)

2019jan (7)

2019jan (8)


Such a “rock” little bird!      

 …or “punk”,  if you prefer,  given that crest on the head! 

This little beauty,  who survives very well in all Finland,  including Lapland and comes to breakfast to our feeders daily,  is the European Crested tit  (Lophophanes cristatus);  in Finnish:  Töyhtötiainen.  It is a very small bird:  12cm length and weight just 10 to 13 grams,  but it is very lively and can defend its own food from other passerines.   It is resident in all central and north Europe in pine forests,  it does not migrate and it does not survive in the Mediterranean areas;  in Italy it is visible only in the Alps.  Both male and female are similar in appearance and both have this pretty crest on their heads.

Isn’t Nature so “rock”??



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59 thoughts on “Un uccellino “rock”!

  1. What a cute bird with its punky look and fluffed up feathers. I’m glad it survives in such cold temperatures and stays warm by hopping around in a lively way.


  2. A lovely little bird – he reminds me of my grandmother who lived on Titmouse Drive when I was a child. I thought it a funny name for a bird then but he’s a great little guy.

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  3. Hello, I would love to see this beautiful bird. Great photos. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your day. Have a great weekend. PS, thank you for leaving me a comment.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Wonderful photos of these super cute birds, dear Luisella!
    The crested tit is one of my favourites, as is also the blue tit… and the long-tailed tit that you have managed to photograph and I have never even seen… 🙂
    Happy Sunday! xx

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  5. Grazie, mia cara. I appreciate that you check also my header image, which I try to update often. All those tits are lovely! The long-tailed come to visit seldom and only when it is really cold. They move in groups. I was lucky to get them. All the best to you! xx


  6. Its rounded shape and the modern hairdo make this little bird so cute! Especially seeing it on the snow – priceless! Many thanks for sharing the Tit with All Seasons – surely a lovely contribution! Have a great week, Blog Friend!

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