Non c’è rosa senza spine.

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La “Douceur Normande” e’ questa semplice e bellissima rosa che la mia mamma ha in giardino da tanti anni.  Naturalmente ci fa pagare il conto per tanta bellezza…con le sue spine!  Ma quanto affilate e pungenti possono essere le spine di una rosa?   (Nelle foto anche rami di altre rose con spine diverse).

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sharp (8)


sharp (7).JPGcc


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sharp (4).JPGvv




No rose without thorns.     This simple and enchanting rose that my mother has had in her garden for many years is named:  “Douceur Normande“.  The counterpart for so much beauty is…its thorns!  (In the photos also branches of other roses with different thorns).



I will link this post to Makrotex Challenge and Macro Monday.  Thanks for hosting!

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