Tramonto rosa.

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Cari lettori,  vi porto ancora una volta in giro per i boschi dietro casa mia in inverno e nell’ora del tramonto.  Come gia’ sapete,  qui nel profondo nord del mondo il sole puo’ offrire spettacoli meravigliosi,  coadiuvato dal clima secco.  L’inverno  quindi non e’ affatto una stagione incolore e noiosa:  nemmeno qui.tramonto (10)XXtramonto (12)XXtramonto (10)tramonto (15)XXtramonto (13)XXtramonto (14)XXxxtramonto (16)XXtramonto (17)XXtramonto (18)XX

Pink Sunset.

Dear readers,  I’m taking you once again on a tour of the woods behind my house in winter and at sunset.  As you already know,  even here in the deep north of the world the sun can offer wonderful shows,  assisted by the dry climate.  So winter is by no means a colorless and boring season:  not even here.


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  1. The sun rising and setting over a snowy landscape is so magical. Thank you for sharing your beautiful sunset pictures. February is quickly coming to a end and I think this will be the first winter in many, many years where we don’t get any snow. Today I found my crocuses and narcissus have popped up and bloomed.

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  2. Winters in this region of the US are unpredictable. Ranging from no snow to the year where we had snow on the ground from December to March. That said we usually do get at least one measurable snow. My concern is for the migrating birds and hibernating animals who are returning with the consistently spring like temperatures as well as the fruit trees that are pushing buds. We have had blizzards in March and April and I hate to see them caught in that.

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