Edifici di Salo.


Come detto,  le case e parte degli edifici pubblici qui in Finlandia sono costruiti con vari strati di materiali isolanti diversi,  inseriti in due coperture di legno:  interna ed esterna.  Non mancano i palazzi in muratura,  ovviamente,  specie nelle grandi citta’,  ma il legno e’ un componennte sempre essenziale.

Oggi vi propongo un giro per le strade si Salo, (con l’accento sulla “a”),  cittadina del sud Finlandia,  collocata su un braccio di mare che si spinge nell’entroterra e le dona un clima piu’ dolce rispetto a Somero,  anche vi se dista solo 35 km.

Gli edifici nelle mie foto sono in parte privati ed in parte pubblici – potete vedere anche un teatro – e sono tutti magnificamente  realizzati in legno.IMG_2487IMG_4913IMG_4918IMG_4923IMG_4958IMG_4959IMG_4960IMG_4962IMG_4963

Buildings in Salo.

As already mentioned,  houses and partly also public buildings here in Finland are built with several layers of different insulating materials inserted into an inner and an outer wooden covers. 

There are also big buildings built in stone or brick, of course,  especially in large cities,  but wood remains an essential component.

Today I propose a tour in the streets of Salo,  a town in southern Finland,  located on a strait;  the sea water that goes inland gives it a milder climate than Somero,   even if it is only 35 km away. 

The buildings in my photos are partly private and partly public – you can also see a theater – and they are all beautifully made of wood.


49 thoughts on “Edifici di Salo.

  1. Thank you for this article! Salo is my former hometown and these over hundred years old wooden buildings look so beautiful with their decorations. Great to see some pictures of them on this site.

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  2. Beautiful wooden houses and such a nice colors. Salo must be a lovely place for a walk through the village.
    Thank you so much for sharing. My compliments for the shots, nice photography.

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  3. Beautiful! I love all the old houses, especially the decorated wooden ones. Georgeous photos! I might be partially biased having had my grandparens in Perniö and being slightly familiar of Salo.

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  4. bellissimi edifici, vedere quelle tinte autunnali sullo sfondo fa già desiderare la nuova stagione, ora che qua siamo avvolti da una cappa di caldo infernale, pensa che ci sono 31°C a mezzanotte da me…

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  5. Thank you, dear Luisella, for sharing these photos. I don’t think I have ever visited Salo. Such beautiful buildings, and so well kept. Maintaining wooden buildings means a lot of work.
    The first photo is my favourite, with those big trees. The photos haven’t been taken this year, I believe, with so many yellow leaves. Isn’t autumn wonderful?
    Stay well and have a happy weekend!

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