A pranzo nell’orto.




Cari lettori,  oggi vi porto a pranzo in un posticino davvero carino:  si chiama Tertin Kartano e si trova poco fuori la citta’ di Mikkeli,  nel lake district finlandese. 

Tertin Kartano e’ una ex villa padronale di campagna ed ex fattoria,  una di quelle grandi dimore signorili al centro di un latifondo,  come ne esistono tante anche da noi,  che davano lavoro a moltissimi contadini,  mezzadri,  servitori. 

Oggi la fattoria e’ una moderna azienda agricola e la villa e’ stata trasformata in ristorante/caffetteria.  Nella villa padronale si trova il ristorante principale,  dove i tavoli sono apparecchiati in sale arredate nello stile tipico delle vecchie dimore di campagna,  mentre in altre strutture arredate piu’ modernamente, come la serra,  si trova la caffetteria.




Il bello di questo posto e’ che non solo il cibo e’ buono,  la scelta e’ varia e l’arredamento e’ messo insieme con gusto:  ma che nel menu’ utilizzano solo prodotti a km zero,  spesso delle proprie coltivazioni.  Ma il bello ancora piu’ bello e’ che alcuni tavoli si trovano proprio nell’orto e si pranza fra le verdure!







Tertin Kartano vale proprio una visita,  se passate da queste parti,  anche perche’ annesso alla villa,  e precisamente nelle scuderie,  si trova il negozio dove sono in vendita le loro produzioni:  marmellate,  composte,  succhi di frutta,  miele,  prodotti a base di carne e pesce…




Infine,  Tertin Kartano ha anche possibilita’ di pernottamento,  per un’esperienza che va oltre il culinario;  ecco il sito per maggiori informazioni:  tertinkartano.fi/en/home/


Lunch in the Vegetable Yard.

Dear readers,  today I will take you all to lunch in a fabulous place:  its name is Tertin Kartano and is located just a few miles from Mikkeli.

Tertin Kartano is a former Manor House,  an old big farmhouse in the middle of a country estate as there are many in Italy too,  which used to employ numerous people as farmers,  sharecrop-farmers and servants.

Today Tertin Kartano is a modern farm and the old buildings host a restaurant/cafeteria.  In the actual manor house where rooms are furnished in the original style,  there is a high level restaurant;  in other more informal structures,  such as the greenhouse,   the cafeteria finds its ideal location.

As I said,  the whole place is furnished with taste and the food is good,  also because they serve locally sourced food,  often from their own fields.  What makes Tertin Kartano so welcoming is that you can actually have lunch in the vegetable yard,  as a few tables are laid there!

Tertin Kartano is truly worthy a visit,  if you happen to come this way;  in the farmhouse former stables you can find a small shop selling various produce:  jams,  preserves,  meat and fish products,  honey,  fruit juices…

Finally,  Tertin Kartano provides accommodation too,  to experience more than just  culinary;  here is their webpage for further info:  tertinkartano.fi/en/home/




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55 thoughts on “A pranzo nell’orto.

  1. This looks like a charming place with so much to offer as a relaxing place to stay and eat nutritious zero kms food. It would be a treat to go there and something we dream about. Thank you for sharing your experience.

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  2. Your sandwich looks really delicious, beautiful photos, thank you for taking me along. I have not yet visited Tertin Kartano, only heard of it. Happy weekend.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hello,

    It is great to see this beautiful farmhouse turn into a successful business. The restaurant and store sounds wonderful. I would like the table outside in the veggie garden. Your lunch and the food looks delicious. Wonderful photos, thanks for sharing your visit. Enjoy your day, wishing you a great weekend.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Ciao Enza, scusa…mi ero persa la tua domanda. Secondo me le bottiglie erano solo decorative, ma se le si toccava emettevano tutte note diverse, essendoci erbe diverse e diverse quantita’ d’acqua. Buona serata!


  5. I just love these old manors and houses, which are turned into hotels/restaurants/shops etc. Luckily Finland has a huge amount of these fabulous places.
    This particular one I haven’t yet visited, maybe some day!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Beautiful and colourful photos.
    The sandwich looks delicious.
    I’ve heard lot about Tertin Kartano, but I’ve never visited there. Maby some day …

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  7. Would be great to spend a day here! Love the healthy and tasty food available. The gardens look so nice! What is in the bottles? (Wonder why they are hanging) Such an interesting place to share with All Seasons! Have a lovely weekend and upcoming week. jesh

    Liked by 1 person

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