Quasi primavera.


Qualche scatto aereo delle campagne a fine inverno – siamo in sorvolo sulla Germania.  La terra e’ pronta per darci un altro anno di raccolti…  (Foto d’archivio).

“Fate vostro l’andamento della Natura:  il suo segreto è la pazienza.”  (Ralph W. Emerson)





Oggi 22 aprile è anche la Giornata Internazionale della Terra:  non a caso la chiamiamo:  “Madre”…


Almost Spring.      

I was overflying Germany and took some aerial shots of the countryside.  The earth is ready for a new season of plentiful harvesting…  (Archived photos).

“Adopt the pace of Nature:  her secret is patience”.  (Ralph W. Emerson)


Today is also the International Earth Day.  It is not by chance that earth is called “Mother”…




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49 risposte a "Quasi primavera."

  1. Interesting aerial photos. I like the quote about copying Nature’s pace and being patient. We have certainly slowed down at this time and by doing so can appreciate the beauty in Nature. All the best to you and yours at this time.

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  2. I miss flying over fields in spring with our small airplane. We had to sell it last year. I learned to fly back in the 80s and my husband has been flying since he was in college. It was an unexpected and traumatic sale. – Margy

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  3. These are your own photos? Well Done! Have tried to take earth pics from the plane – not easy! Of course, it was usually not the night time either, since we like to fly at night. By the time it’s morning, I am spent and not very coordinated:) Beautiful and usual perspective – great for All Seasons. Have a great flying week, Jesh

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