Come nell’Eden.

2019mele (19)

Una scena che si ripete tutti gli anni nel nostro giardino in autunno:  qualche cerbiatto affamato trova il nostro albero di azzeruole con gli ultimi frutti rimasti e se ne ciba con gusto.  Veramente noi lasciamo i frutti dei rami piu’ bassi apposta per loro.  Non sono uno spettacolo?

Delle azzeruole vi avevo parlato QUI.

(Le foto che vedete sono state scattate da una trail-cam e ne ho ritoccate solo qualcuna,  per renderle un piu’ piacevoli;  ma quelle lasciate in originale vi danno l’idea della mattinata nuvolosa e nebbiosa che era).

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Una curiosita’:  abbiamo notato che i cervi non amano mangiare le mele cadute a terra,  preferiscono quelle sui rami.

Il rovescio della medaglia di questo tenero spettacolo e’ il fatto che,  se prendono confidenza ed entrano nei giardini/orti,  questi animali possono veramente divorare vari prodotti:  ad esempio non solo le fragole,  ma anche le foglie delle piantine delle fragole!  Ogni anno si pone quindi il problema della caccia come modo di tenere sotto controllo il numero di individui della specie.


As in the garden of Eden.    

What you can see in my shots is something that repeats itself every year in our garden:  one or more hungry deer find the way to our apple tree and take advantage of the last fruits.  We actually leave the fruits in the lowest branches for them.  Aren’t they so cute?

The above apples are a sort of small old apples called Azaroles.  You can read more about them HERE.

(All the photos have been taken by a trail-cam.  I have edited a few of them because it was such a cloudy and misty morning…)

A fun fact:  we noticed that they do not eat the apples on the ground,  they search for the ones still on the tree.

The negative side of these lovely views is that deer can really eat up whatever produce in your garden/vegetable yard,  if they get accustomed to visit!  For instance strawberries,  but also the leaves of the strawberry plants.  Therefore every year the issue is whether it is right to hunt them to keep the number of individuals under control.




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69 thoughts on “Come nell’Eden.

  1. Bellissimo anche questo post, le foto sono, per i miei occhi, una meraviglia e una immensa tenerezza per il cuore. Brava, evviva la natura e gli animali. 😍😘 buona giornata ciao cara.

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  2. The deer are nice animals it’s a shame to hunt them and I’m pleased that you leave some fruit for them even if it encourages them onto your land. An interesting variety of apple. I’m glad you found a recipe for jam.

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  3. You are kind to leave the deer some apples! Do you know they also eat leaves? (but maybe only green leaves, and not when they yellow ?) Yes, I can see you have Fall weather, misty and cloudy skies. Many thanks for sharing how it is this time of year where you live with All Seasons! Hope you still will have some good days coming:) Have a lovely week.

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  4. Thank you for sharing your most wonderful pictures ever! With my heritage on my mother’s side, they were all from Sicily. My grandmother helped raise me and she didn’t believe in store-bought bread or mops! hehehe~ She use to tell me about the old country all the time, and how much she missed it, and I would see the sadness on her face. I miss her so much. This was really nice to see. Thank you so much for sharing and have a wonderful day!

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  5. Great shots. They are cute, but ……..
    We live in a small village near forest and we got lot of deers, but our dogs don’t let them come to garden

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  6. If you can think of a way to discourage or frighten the deer in the spring and summer to protect your plants, I’d do that. Then remove whatever in the fall so they can have the leftover apples. Beautiful photos!

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