Il posto delle lepri.




In realta’ il post dovrebbe anche dare un’idea della notevole quantita’ di neve:  quest’anno e’ stato un inverno ricco di precipitazioni nevose ed a meta’ Febbraio ne avevamo in giardino ben oltre il mezzo metro.   Abbiamo iniziato a dicembre a spalare,  prima di Natale;  con nostra gioia abbiamo trascorso un bel “bianco Natale” e poi,  centimetro dopo centimetro,  ci siamo ritrovati il bel muretto che vedete nelle foto sopra.  Ne siamo stati contenti:  oltre che bella,  e’ anche la nostra riserva d’acqua,  naturalmente!

L’anno scorso era caduta meno della meta’ della neve caduta quest’anno,  nonostante fosse stato un inverno egualmente freddo.  Nelle mie foto:  la piccola mangiatoia che abbiamo allestito in giardino a beneficio delle lepri con semi d’avena.  Quest’anno abbiamo scavato un percorso perche’ riescano ad arrivarci (foto sopra),  mentre l’anno scorso non c’era stato bisogno (foto qui sotto).

2018 apr (13)

2018 apr (6)

2018 apr (26)

Place for Hares.    

 In the photos above,  you can have also an idea of the huge quantity of snow we have had this winter.   Since December and all through February we have had frequent and abundant precipitations:  in mid-February much more than half a metre stayed in our garden and it is fine,  as snow means water supply of course.  We have shovelled almost every day since our “white Christmas”.

As you can see in the first photos above,  this year we had to open a way for hares to reach the feeder we placed for them in our garden,  containing oats seeds;  last year it was not necessary,  as you can see in the final photos.  As a matter of fact,  last year we had less than half quantity of snow on ground,  even though winter was as cold.


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  1. I’m so happy that the snow is slowly melting! But beautiful it is when the sun is shining – fresh and pure. My husband feeds a bunny / bunnies too. And we open a circular path for Sissi to walk. It is a job that has to be done – otherwise the poor cat could not have been out the whole winter 🙂 Wishing you a cozy weekend.

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  2. Very special to see the hare. I’ve never seen one in the wild, but would like to. In the countryside here in the UK in March they are very lively. The symbolism regarding hares is fascinating.

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  3. Bellissime queste foto, la neve ha sempre il suo fascino! E che dire delle lepri 😍 🤩 !!! Meno male che ci sono persone come voi che pensano anche a queste bellissime bestiole, grazie 💋💋💋 🤗🤗

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  4. Joining you from Friday Bliss. I can relate to the abundant snowfall – February was a deep and bitterly cold month here. Unlike you, we don’t deliberately feed the wild rabbits – it would just encourage them to eat our landscaping! But I do really like your pictures of the hare!!! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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  5. I love your photos of the hare under the feeding place, and that they come into your garden. I love snow photos this time of year while it is hot in Australia. Have a fabulous week and thank you for visiting my blog 2 weeks ago. I have been slow in returning visit as life has been very busy!

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  6. Love your new header! It reminded me on last summer our 11 year old stayed with us for a week.for school he had a reading assignment, and the chapters had Roman numerals. Hubs discovered he did not know what those “signs” meant, so he wrote them down for him.
    Love the mailbox covered with snow – somehow it says “bread” to me – but too cold to eat:):) Then there is that cute rabbit – the perfect focus for your snowy post:) Many thanks for sharing with All Seasons how life is at your end – hope spring will come soon for you – have a great week!

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