Nebbia in Val Padana.

Nebbia (4)

La Valle Padana,  dove si trova Verona,  benche’ sia territorio fertile e adatto all’agricoltura,  e’ uno dei luoghi piu’ nebbiosi d’Italia;  a causa anche del fatto che la ventilazione qui e’ piuttosto limitata in tutti i periodi dell’anno.  La nebbia e’ senz’altro un segnale d’inverno:  arriva in ottobre e ci accompagna per tutta la stagione con consistenza piu’ o meno massiccia.  Nei miei scatti:  il paesaggio come si presentava alcuni giorni fa,  dopo le intense piogge di fine ottobre.

Nebbia (3)

Nebbia (1)

Nebbia (8)

Nebbia (10)

Nebbia (15)

Nebbia (11)

g (1)

g (3)

Una Garzetta solitaria sulla riva del canale e qui sotto alcune rotoballe si vedono appena…

Nebbia (12)

Nebbia (13)

Nebbia (3)hh

Fog in the Po Valley.        

Verona lies in the Po Valley,  a large plain created by the flowing of the Po river through the centuries.  It is a fertile land and suitable for agriculture but quite a foggy place in winter,  also because it is not so frequently windy;  fog accompanies us from October until spring,  with more or less intense compactness.    In my shots:  the landscape as it was a few days ago,  after the heavy rainfalls in late October.  A lonely Egret along the canal and a few hay-packs are hardly visible…





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65 risposte a "Nebbia in Val Padana."

  1. This fog looks like a heavy blanket and makes for beautiful mysterious scenes. Wonder if it is a hardship on the people who live there (since it hangs so long)?. Love the one with the three trees. And it’s green there! Thank you for sharing this detail of Italy (I didn’t know of) with All Seasons:)
    Here, the snow melted, but we had snow again, and it’s not as much melting now! Thank you for you kind comment and reminding me – wishing you a meaningful Advent! Hope you show us some of what you or your family are accustomed to do during these weeks before Christmas!

    Piace a 1 persona

  2. Thank you Jesh. It is always a pleasure to share my things in All Seasons. The fog accompanies us all winter long but it is not always so thick, luckily…anyway it creates atmosphere in the environment. Have a nice new week and a blessed Advent!

    "Mi piace"


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