Atterraggio morbido.

atterraggio (2)

atterraggio (1)

Oggi vi propongo un post dal contenuto puramente fotografico,  fatto apposta per participare al blog party Makrotex Challenge,  il cui tema è:  un giocattolo.  Ho realizzato una piccola GIF con un programma di photo-editing…praticamente un giocattolo digitale per gli appassionati di fotografia. 


…più atterraggio morbido di così!…


atterraggio (4)

Soft Landing.   
…could not possibly be softer!…

A summery GIF for all of you,  today – I made it just to link it up to this week’s Makrotex Challenge,  where the topic is: a Toy.  Aren’t programs for digital editing like toys for photographers,  nowadays?





Linked to:  Makrotex Challenge.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your edited photo. I never seem to have time to find out how to make those creations as I’m so busy just doing straight forward changing the size to put on a blog or send some photos in an email to family. Well done! Thank you for your comment on my Remembrance post. We saw an exhibition featuring the role of the Alpini in WWI which was in the main hall at Rome Airport and we had plenty time to have a good look around. It was very interesting.

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