“Quando l’arancia rosseggia…”


“Quando l’arancia rosseggia ancora sui sette colli…” canta Antonello Venditti in “Roma capoccia”,  ma anche qui in Finlandia l’arancia del sole rosseggia in modo eclatante certe sere e lascia a bocca aperta…







The Sun Orange burns red.       

I will try to translate this verse taken from a song by Antonello Venditti:  “When the sun orange still burns red upon the seven hills…”.  The song is “Roma capoccia”,  dedicated to our capital town.  My aim is anyway to show how  the sun orange can burn gloriously red also here in the north




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40 risposte a "“Quando l’arancia rosseggia…”"

  1. Wonderful colours and photos, Luisella! ❤
    Have a lovely week!
    PS It's always exciting to see what kind of header photo you have, I love the way you change them. Plus you have an impressive selection of photos about nature, landscapes, animals etc.!

    Piace a 1 persona

  2. Grazie Sara! Mille grazie del complimento: detto da te che sei una fotografa in gamba, vale doppio! I like to keep my blog updated with images and colours and I am happy you noticed it. Yes…I possess a rich photo gallery of wildlife…it is what I learned to appreciate in your wonderful country. xoxo

    "Mi piace"


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