15 thoughts on “Cani per signora.

  1. Hello, I would enjoy the outdoor cafe. The dogs are all cuties. Great photos. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Thanks for your comment and visit. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend.

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  2. The translation does not really say what it is about (I recognize the word signora)The doggies all look they are very alert and sensitive:) And well taken care of:) Are you a dog owner? And I noticed the sun was shining!
    Many thanks for sharing these little significant details with ll Seasons! Have a happy week!!

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  3. The literal title is: Dogs for Ladies. I am not a dog owner, but I have been-we had a black cocker spaniel…so lovely! Thanks, Jesh, for your kind visit and thanks for hosting. Nice to meet in All Seasons!


  4. I cani sono davvero il miglior amico dell’uomo, anche se non ho amico a quattro zampe, da ragazzo ho avuto la fortuna di averne uno; un meticcio che avevo chiamato Nerino. Complimenti per le foto e per il blog!

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