15 thoughts on “Cani per signora.

  1. The translation does not really say what it is about (I recognize the word signora)The doggies all look they are very alert and sensitive:) And well taken care of:) Are you a dog owner? And I noticed the sun was shining!
    Many thanks for sharing these little significant details with ll Seasons! Have a happy week!!

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    1. The literal title is: Dogs for Ladies. I am not a dog owner, but I have been-we had a black cocker spaniel…so lovely! Thanks, Jesh, for your kind visit and thanks for hosting. Nice to meet in All Seasons!


  2. I cani sono davvero il miglior amico dell’uomo, anche se non ho amico a quattro zampe, da ragazzo ho avuto la fortuna di averne uno; un meticcio che avevo chiamato Nerino. Complimenti per le foto e per il blog!

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