Novembre 2017.


Un mese nelle mie foto:

Ho trascorso il mese di Novembre per meta’ in Italia e per meta’ in Finlandia.  Nelle prime gelate al nord ho visto la natura imbiancarsi;  sul Garda ho trovato le ultime temperature gradevoli della stagione.

Adesso e’ il momento in cui le giornate sono cortissime e le ore di sole pochissime:  a Verona fa buio alle 16.30 mentre a Somero alle 15.30.  Da qui al 21 dicembre,  giorno del Solstizio,  la situazione diventera’ ancora piu’ critica:  a Verona non cambiera’ di molto,  ma a Somero sì…avremo l’alba verso le 9.30 del mattino e il tramonto verso le 15.00.  Quasi quasi viene voglia di andare in letargo con gli orsi…no?

Ma inizia anche uno dei periodi piu’ belli e suggestivi dell’anno,  almeno per me…e per qualche milione di finlandesi tutti pazzi per il Natale!

Felice Avvento a tutti!

A month in my photos:     

I have spent November partly in Italy and partly in Finland.  In Finland I have sensed the first frosty days and admired nature totally white;  at lake Garda I have found the last warm afternoons of the season.

This is the darkest time of the year:  days are so short and bright hours so few!  In this moment in Verona it gets dark at 4.30 p.m.,  whereas in Somero at 3.30.  From now on,  until December 21st,  the situation will get worse;  not so much in Verona,  but dramatically in Somero:  we will have dawn at 9.30 a.m. and sunset at 3.00 p.m.   It makes us feel like falling into winter sleep with bears…don’t you think so??

The good news is that from now on an enjoyable and precious time of the year is starting,  at least for me and…for a few other million Finnish people,  who are crazy about Christmas!

Have an enjoyable Christmas time!




Linked to: Pieni Lintu’s Kollaasihaaste.

15 thoughts on “Novembre 2017.

  1. We have been in northern Finland twice, the best holidays ever though really cold too in January ;)! But it’s obviously very different if you live there, north or south.
    Yes, December is a magical month, enjoy!

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  2. I also would like to travel to the north of Scandinavia, doesn’t matter is that will be Finland , Norway or Sweden and than start going from so far north to the south Italy making pictures and videos of changing views (climate, architecture and anything else). Making conversations with people and see differnces from north to south 🙂
    Have a nice day 🙂

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  3. That would be a great experience. I hope you can realize it someday! After all, we still have so much to learn and explore through our old Europe! Have a nice day you too and thanks for your visits!

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  4. I am waiting for the day when my husband takes me to the north in Wintertime…not for the snow, but for the darkness. I expect it must be something! Have a nice day and thanks for stopping by!


  5. Hello, beautiful images from your month of November. Happy December to you, I hope it treats you well. It get dark here around 5pm. I am not a winter person, looking forward to SPRING. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

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