Case di campagna.

(Please scroll down for English text)CC (1)pp

Una passeggiata nelle campagne veronesi e alcune fattorie dei dintorni,  con la primavera incipiente.

Vi auguro una buona giornata,  nonostante le restrizioni.

CC (2)


a cava (10)

CC (3)

CC (4)



 During a walk in the Veronese countryside,  I shot a few characteristic farmhouses which I’ll share with you today. 

I hope you have a relaxing day!



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53 thoughts on “Case di campagna.

  1. Domani il Piemonte torna rosso ma io ho giocato d’anticipo e ho fatto in modo da avere un po’ di lavoretti da fare. E’ il momento ideale per mettere mano al blog e aggiornarlo per farmi trovare pronta quando tutti cercheranno idee su dove andare.

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  2. The shape of the long trees make the landscape very interesting. This must be awesome weather in tine spring in Italy! Love you sharing this with All Seasons! – enjoy spring weather, Jesh

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  3. Greetings and Salutations! Oh my goodness! So serene. So over the top beautiful with the long row of tall trees and that horse and rider. That image belongs in a museum, in my humble opinion. My other favorite is the first image with a country manor and the row of tall trees. I would say that the lighting makes all your photographs appear to be a work of art instead of just regular images. Clap. Clapping. Still clapping.

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