Caccia spietata.

caccia (1)

Il gattone prima si concentra sull’obiettivo,  poi sferra l’attacco senza pieta’ e infine se ne va con la preda.  Fatto!

caccia (3)

caccia (5)

caccia (5)XX

Tom&Jerry (2)
Unmerciful hunting.  

The careful kitten first concentrates on a prey,  then attacks fiercely and finally escapes with the victim in his mouth.  Done!



Linked to:  WATW.  Friday Bliss.  Jaipur Gardens.

26 thoughts on “Caccia spietata.

  1. I always loved cats. I spend my childhood summers at countryside with my grand parents. There was cat in every household for just that reason, to kill rats/mouses/what have you. Cute and graceful killer,and very effective I might add. I so wanna pet him/her, as I do with any cat I see. Purrfect!!

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  2. Cats are incredibly good at hunting – great photos! Even on a leash Sissi catches shrews and mice in a second – we have had quite a few burials, I don’t let her eat them… Tiny frogs stay alive in her mouth and shall be released back in the nature.

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