Guarda il mondo…

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“Guarda il mondo:  è più fantastico di qualunque sogno studiato e prodotto dalle più grandi fabbriche”.   (Ray Bradbury – Fahrenheit 451).




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Look at the world…

“Look at the world:  it is more fantastic than any dream planned and produced by the biggest factories”.   (Ray Bradbury – Fahrenheit 451).




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43 thoughts on “Guarda il mondo…

  1. Hello, so much beauty around us. Lovely collection of images. Love the bunny and deer, birds, butterflies and the horse. Great quote and photos. Enjoy your day, have a great new week!

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  2. Il titolo di questo post mi ha ricordato un libro di Margherita Hack che comincia più o meno così: “tutte le sere, quando apre il sipario della notte, nel cielo nero si accendono le stelle e inizia uno spettacolo che si replica da migliaia di anni…” dovremmo veramente guardare un po’ di più il mondo intorno a noi.
    Bellissime foto, come sempre!

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  3. that little bird is too cute! also love the water Lilly and the other summary items in your post. HOpe you are well and healthy! just wrote the will not be a Seasons post for the last two weeks in Aug, since I will still be in the boonies for 2 extra weeks without wifi. wishing a a lovely months of August! Jesh

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  4. Hello Jesh and thanks for the kind comment. I just read your notice and hope your problems with wifi will be over soon, for your own blogging pleasure! I wish you all the best for the rest of August. Stay well!


  5. Wonderful views all of them. The world is beautiful & full of miracles of life and nature ❤︎ We should appreciate it and be more thankful in our daily lives. Wishing a hot & happy weekend.

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