Buon Ferragosto 2019!



Buon,  gradevolissimo Ferragosto a tutti dai boschi finlandesi!


A happy relaxing “Ferragosto” to you all from Finland!


(Ferragosto is just the peak day of the holiday season in Italy,  just like Midsummer in Finland – it is actually tomorrow,  August 15th,  and it also a religious celebration).




44 thoughts on “Buon Ferragosto 2019!

  1. Una mia carissima amica dopo tanto cercare casa, qualche mese fa finalmente l’ha trovata.
    La prima cosa che ha fatto é stata montare le due amache!!!
    Che naturalmente abbiamo subito provato!!!! 💕

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  2. Hello again!
    Yeah, I’m a famous spammer… 😀 I noticed my first message disappeared, but I thought it was because it was thundering here and there were power outages. Good that you found them! 🙂
    Your new header photos are amazing. The one with hay bales is super fun. 😉
    Have a lovely weekend! xx

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  3. Hello spammer! Always nice to hear from you. Thanks for appreciating my header images. The one with bales was taken last Sunday back from a visit to Tammisaari. Have a great weekend you too. Baci!!


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