A fine giugno in Finlandia e’ arrivata un po’ di pioggia,  dopo un mese e mezzo di siccita’.  Troppo poca:  la terra ne avrebbe assorbita molta di piu’.  Io comunque ho fatto alcuni scatti…freschi freschi.  Attenzione:  le ultime due foto sono…”abitate”.








Light rain.      

At the end of June we had some rain in Finland,  after one and a half month’s dry weather.  Unfortunately the land would have needed so much more… Anyway I took some refreshing shots:  the last two are…”inhabited”.



Linked to:  All Seasons.  Image-in-ing.

31 thoughts on “Pioggerella.

  1. Your captures of the flowers and leaves are a breath of fresh air, Luisella! Great share for All Seasons and enjoy them before Fall really sets in -have a great week:)


  2. We are looking forward to the rain – and so are all the animals. We have a squirrel who visits our deck every day to drink out of the ‘trays’ under our potted plants. Desperate, indeed!

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