Fiori di Luglio.


maito (1)

Sono i bei fiori rosati di Maitohorsma (Chamaenerion angustifolium) che troviamo anche sulle nostre montagne.  Ricordo un’ escursione con l’amica Paola in Val Nambino,  sopra Madonna di Campiglio,  dove il sentiero era costellato di questi fiori!  In italiano hanno vari nomi a seconda della regionalita’,  fra i piu’ comuni:  Garofanini dei boschi.  Fioriscono in quantita’ nei prati della Finlandia in questo mese.  Ve li propongo in una giornata non proprio soleggiata…
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A flower for July.

The beautiful flowers of Fireweed  (Chamaenerion angustifolium)   bloom abundantly in the fields of Finland in this month.  You can find them in the Italian mountains too:  I remember a hike with my friend Paola to Val Nambino,  outside Madonna di Campiglio,  in the Dolomites,  a few years ago,  where a lot of these flowers decorated the path.  In Finnish they are called:  Maitohorsma.

The photos in this post were taken on a cloudy day.




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40 thoughts on “Fiori di Luglio.

  1. The fireweed is beautiful. I especially like the shots that include the old cabin or barn. Such beautiful countryside, and so different from my desert surroundings!

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  2. These flowers look beautiful growing abundantly in the wild. Fireweed is a good name for them as I’ve seen them growing on old sites where buildings are in ruins maybe because of fire. In the UK we call this flower rosebay willowherb.


  3. Thank you very much, Peter, for your kind visit. Yes, my post and your post are different in environment: it is the variety of Nature itself! Have a nice Sunday!


  4. That’s good to know. Thank you very much, Phil. BTW: I would like to be in the number of those volunteers at the bird-ringing demonstration. Have a nice Sunday!


  5. There are purple flowers we see growing wild in a lot of places throughout the summer, I should take a photo and see if they’re fireweed too. A gorgeous flower.

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