Operazione nostalgia.


In Finlandia gli anni ’50 vanno per la maggiore e ogni estate non mancano le feste e sagre a tema:  protagonisti sono le auto d’epoca,  ma anche le persone che partecipano con abbigliamento e calzature in voga in quegli anni beati e dorati.  Nelle mie foto potete vedere qualche scorcio della festa che si e’ tenuta a Somero a meta’ maggio:  tanta gente e’ accorsa non solo per ammirare,  ma anche per ritrovarsi e mangiare e bere qualcosa insieme nei vari stand.  Nella foto sopra:  l’auto piu’ appariscente,  dato il suo colore!







Questa e’ tutto un programma:  Life’s too short to drive boring cars!




Un’auto dal parasole davvero particolare!





Quella che io ho trovato piu’ stilosa:  un maggiolino tenuto benissimo e allestito con valigia vecchio stile sulla capote…davvero un oggettino di gusto!





Nel parco comunale ancora stands:  lo snack piu’ gettonato nelle sagre di paese finlandesi,  oltre alle salsicce,  sono le crepes;  in particolare con marmellata di frutti di bosco. 



Infine:  un piccolo giochino… Ciao a tutti!


Operation Nostalgia.          In Finland the 1950’s are very fashionable and every summer in many places throughout the country events and festivals are held to recall those golden years.  In my photos you can visit the one held in Somero in mid-May:  many vintage cars were admired as well as many people dressed in 1950’s style attires.  A town festival is also an opportunity to meet friends and drink something together:  a lot of street food was available. 

In the very first photo:  the a car among the most admired…maybe for its colour.

Life’s too short to drive boring cars:  terrific!

This big blue car has a very original sunshade!

I found this beautiful Beetle the most stylish:  set up with a vintage suitcase on the roof…perfect!

In the town park the refreshments were many:  in Finland the most appetizing snacks in a village festival are usually grilled sausages or pancakes;  mostly filled with strawberry jam.

Finally:  a little trick.  Happy village festivals!



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45 thoughts on “Operazione nostalgia.

  1. awwwww vintage cars, i really enjoy seeing them!!! these cars are a lot different then the ones i see in my area!!

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  2. When my son was younger we regularly went these vintage cars events, till we came to live where several neighbors fixed up vintage cars – they were always doing “something!”
    Fun to look at these you showed! Also many thanks for All Seasons! Have a beautiful vintage week:)

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  3. We have a classic car club here in Powell River. They participate in festivals and parades several times during the year. It’s hard to think about a Volkswagen Beetle as a classic when it is one of the first cars I drove. Does that make me a classic too? – Margy

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  4. I love you for your pink Cadillac, crushed velvet seats, riding in the back oozing down the streets…What is that little white car, it’s pretty cool, looks European.

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  5. Ahah… Margy, you made me smile…sooner or later we all become classic…What is important is to preserve a style! Just like cars… Thanks for your visit!!


  6. Che figataaaaa! Adoro gli anni 50! Ma non si vestono anche in stile? Anche in Italia fanno una festa grossa dedicata agli anni 50! In Senigallia (ancona) un bellissimo festival dove tutti si vestono e agghindano come negli anni 50! Troppo troppo nella! Buona giornata

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  7. I know Helmi but the 50’s are not my time…I prefer the 80’s. Anyway the pink Caddie is great! It looks perfect when parked in front of the shop… I think it belongs to Helmi. Thanks for your kind comment!

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