Ortensie d’autunno.


Il tipo di ortensia che va sotto il nome di Syyshortensia,  cioe’:  “Ortensia autunnale”,  (Hydrangea paniculata  “Grandiflora”)  qui in Finlandia e’ molto presente nei giardini.  In ottobre le belle foglie verdi assumono un colore rosato,  veramente unico e gradevole.


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Hydrangeas in Autumn.      The PeeGee Hydrangea,  which is commonly called  “Autumn hydrangea”  in Finland,  has beautiful green leaves in late summer,  when it blooms,  but they turn into a lovely shade of pink in the autumn.

I will join Riitta’s Floral Bliss  .  Thanks for hosting!

13 thoughts on “Ortensie d’autunno.

  1. Hello, the hydrangea and the pretty pink leaves are lovely. Beautiful photos. Happy Friday, wishing your a great day and weekend. PS, thanks so much for visiting my post.

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