Il pasto della volpe.





Immortalata dalla mia fototrappola,  la volpe circola attorno a casa nostra silenziosamente e cautamente con una preda in bocca.  Forse la sta portando ai suoi piccoli,  visto che le foto sono di giugno.  Che musetto adorabile.  Da qui è anche facile capire come la volpe debba accontentarsi di prede tutto sommato piccole:  le sue fauci non sono poi cosi’ enormi…

The Fox’s Meal.

Captured by my trail-cam,  the fox runs around our house silently and cautiously with a prey in its mouth.  Maybe he’s delivering it to his little ones,  as the photos are from June.  What a lovely muzzle!  It is easy to understand how the fox has to settle for small preys after all:  its jaws are not so large.


32 thoughts on “Il pasto della volpe.

  1. A beautiful healthy looking fox. Several years back, a vixen decided to have her pups in an abandoned groundhog hole in our overgrown honey suckle patch. One evening I caught sight of her leading her 2 little ones through our tree line and toward the corn fields. It was a wonder to behold.

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