Le Cariatidi.

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Il secondo tempio importante sull’Acropoli di Atene è senz’altro l’Eretteo,  caratterizzato dalle famose sei colonne foggiate in forma femminile dette:  Cariatidi.  Le colonne sono raggruppate a sostenere il tetto di una piccola loggia laterale e oggi sono solo delle copie:  gli originali si trovano ben protetti nel vicinissimo Museo dell’Acropoli.  Il piccolo tempio è dedicato ad Atena Poliade (cioè protettrice della città) e nel corso della storia ha cambiato più volte la sua destinazione d’uso,  divenendo persino un harem per qualche tempo,  sotto la dominazione ottomana.


Oltre alle cariatidi,  la caratteristica del tempio è il suo magnifico fregio coloratissimo.  La leggenda narra che qui nacque il primo olivo in città,  quando Atena colpì la terra con la sua lancia.


The Caryatids.  

The second important temple on the Acropolis in Athens is the Erectheum,  located very close to the Parthenon.  Its main feature is the Porch of the Maidens,  a beautiful lobby embellished by six draped female figures as supporting columns called:  Caryatids.  The small temple is dedicated to Athena Polias (the protectress of the city) and through its history it has been partly destroyed,  closed,  or used as a harem under the Ottoman domination.  Today the original caryatids are preserved in the nearby Acropolis Museum and what you see at the temple are just copies.

Besides its wonderful anthropomorphic columns,  the Erectheum is characterized by its colourful frieze.  According to the legend,  here the first olive tree in town sprouted,  when goddess Athena hit the ground with her spear. 


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  1. One time we were spending 9 days in Greece, so naturally we also went to the Acropolis, but of everything I had read about it in my art history books it was disappointing. Also it was overrun with people. Missing the weekly contact I had with your blog – how are things going for you? (changed my username, since my url is also change, to Emille, but I am Jesh:)


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