In questa strana primavera,  in cui si sono alternati giorni tiepidi e piu’ freschi,  persino le pratoline sono indecise se aprirsi totalmente o attendere momenti migliori… Le foto sono state scattate tutte in Italia.







UNDECIDED WILD DAISIES.  This is a peculiar spring,  when sunny and warm days often change into colder and rainy;  even wild daisies cannot not decide whether to open fully or wait for a better time ahead…




Linked to:  Makrotex Challenge.

49 thoughts on “Pratoline…indecise.

  1. Da me (in Piemonte) ha fatto bel tempo fino a qualche giorno fa, i campi sono pieni di fiori. Giustamente, adesso che siamo in quarantena, è tornato il freddo :/ Speriamo che le piante e gli animali usciti dal letargo non ne risentano troppo. Buona giornata Luisella!

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  2. Love the several captures of these flowers:) Love the details that can seen on them! Thank you for your wish to me for health. Does the virus have any influence on where you stay right now? (Because so many were effected in Italy). Hope that the this virus will be controlled quickly! Many thanks keeping All Seasons informed, and a healthy week to you, Jesh

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  3. I feel for Italy. Here in California, schools are closed till Easter, coffee places, I don’t know about restaurants yet. But it looks like a ghost town around the popular food stores, and they have plenty of empty shelves. Surprisingly food is still abundant. Lets hope this virus will be controlled very soon!


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