skidoo (1)

Nei dintorni di casa nostra,  tra boschi campi e lago,  c’e’ anche la possibilita’ di praticare lo ski-doo,  cioe’ correre con le motoslitte.  Naturalmente non si puo’ andare dovunque:  il percorso e’ chiaramente tracciato nel bosco,  mentre sulla superficie gelata del lago si puo’ allargarsi un po’ di piu’ ma mantenendosi sempre lontani dalle piste da sci di fondo e pattinaggio,  altrettanto delimitate e battute dai volontari del locale sci-club.

(Le foto sono degli anni scorsi: purtroppo quest’anno non c’e cosi’ tanta neve…)

skidoo (2)

skidoo (3)

skidoo (4)

skidoo (5)



Ski-Doo.           In the territory surrounding our house,  among woodlands,  fields and a big lake,  it is possible to run snowmobiles as well.  Of course you cannot roam wherever you like:  through the forest there is a clear path whereas on the frosty lake surface you must keep off the cross-country ski slope and the skaters’ slope,  kept open by the local volunteers.

(Photos were taken in the past years:  at the moment we do not have so much snow,  unfortunately).




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56 thoughts on “Ski-Doo.

  1. …these lovely scenes could have been take in the Adirondack Mountains, a major winter storm is happening today. Luisella you surely live in a beautiful part of the world, thanks for cooling me off a bit. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the snow.

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  2. Wow! Come mi piacerebbe!! Io sono anni che non riesco nemmeno a mettere gli sci ai piedi: qui da noi in Friuli sono anni che o la neve è davvero poca, o ero incinta e non era il caso!! 😦

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  3. There must be rules of etiquette for all these Winter activities especially as the snowmobiles and skiers must travel very fast. Lovely photos of the countryside during snowy weather.

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  4. the pictures are really beautiful!! pictures from past snows are nice to look at, and awesome to share if you don’t have much snow right now. i watched a snow video yesterday, we don’t have any snow!!!

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  5. That is I think where snow is the most beautiful, in the forests! It stays white and clean the longest. Also that open field is stunning. The advantage of a snowmobile is to get somewhere fast with snow like this:) Many thanks for sharing this beautiful and frosty experience with All Seasons! Have a beautiful week!

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