Anno 2019.

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Un anno nelle mie foto:

Seguendo l’esempio degli amici blogger piu’ esperti,  per esempio Tom,   ho scelto dodici foto rappresentative fra tutte quelle da me pubblicate nell’anno appena passato e ve le ripropongo:  sono tutte foto di animali,  quindi piu’ che un calendario,  sara’ un…bestiario.













Ne approfitto per augurare a tutti una felice continuazione del 2020!  Come vola il tempo:  sembra ieri che eravamo preoccupati per il Millennium bug!  🙂

Un modo per passare piacevolmente il tempo,  pero’,  e’ sempre quello di perdersi fra le pagine di qualche bel blog…  😉 

A proposito,  questo mio e’ arrivato al terzo compleanno:  grazie a tutti voi che mi fate compagnia con la vostra lettura e i vostri commenti e buon divertimento con le mie foto!  Ancora Buon Anno!!

Curiosita’:  IMG_2069


Year 2019.   

A year in my photos:

Following the nice example of a few blog-friends,  for instance  Tom,   I selected twelve shots among the ones I published in the past year,  which are most representative and I’ll share them with you: a sort of calendar.  I have chosen all animal photos!  Well…then this will be a roaring calendar!  😉

This post is a good opportunity to wish everybody a happy continuation of Year 2020.  Time flies…it seems yesterday when we were worried about the Millennium bug,  doesn’t it?

Anyway getting lost into the pages of some absorbing blog is always a pleasant pastime…  😉

By the way,  my blog has now reached its third year.  Thank you all for your company,  for your visits and comments.  I hope you will enjoy my photographs! Happy New Year ahead!

A fun fact:  according to the Federal Statistical Office of Germany,  year 2019 was the longevity year.  The number of people above 100 years old worldwide reached the record amount of 533,000,  mostly women.




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76 risposte a "Anno 2019."

  1. Your animal photos are wonderful and brought a smile on my face. The goats are so funny, & the cat so cute. Many great photographing tours in this year too!

    Piace a 1 persona

  2. Wow, you did very well fitting in at blog land, considering this had been only your third year! Love the captures of the animals you have chosen. The rabbit in the snow is so cute, and the sheep by the tree are quite cute! Up to a wonderful fourth year of experiences for you, and second at All Seasons! Your blog is a beautiful asset to us all!

    Piace a 1 persona


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