Caccia in pieno giorno.

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Durante un pomeriggio soleggiato – ma freddo – di inizio novembre,  ho scorto questa bellissima Volpe rossa mentre stava procacciandosi del cibo nel bel mezzo di un campo.  Mi ha sorpreso vederla in giro in pieno giorno,  poiche’ la volpe e’ un animale quantomeno crepuscolare.

Pyys (10)

Pyys (2)

Pyys (11)

Pyys (12)

Pyys (13)

Pyys (16)

Pyys (17)

Pyysm (1)

Dopo aver perlustrato l’area a piacimento (e forse trovato qualche stuzzichino),  si e’ messa in un posticino riparato a riposare al sole;  temperatura: -3 gradi C.

Pyysm (6)

Ma naturalmente la volpe,  furbona,  dorme sempre con un occhio aperto… 😉

(Incontrarla mi ha rallegrato la giornata… Ma che bella!)


Open-air hunting.  

On a very beautiful sunny day in early November – although cold – I saw this lovely Red fox hunt in a field.  It made me wonder seeing him in the open air and full afternoon light,  as the fox is a night or twilight animal.

After roaming a while and perhaps finding some snack,  he went to rest to a protected place under dry branches,  but in the full sunshine.  Temperature was:  -3 C … 26.6 F.

In the last shot:  the clever fox always sleeps with one eye open… 😉

(This encounter really made my day! I was quite lucky,  after all).




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58 thoughts on “Caccia in pieno giorno.

  1. Can imagine it made this for a happy day you happened to see this fox! not only that, you could follow him, and he was not scared off by you! Haha, I like your comment about a a smart fox always sleeping with one eye open:) many thanks for sharing this unusual experience with All Seasons! Brr, it’s cold there! We are still in the 60F here (but 40 at night). Stay warm:)

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