Settembre 2019.

2019septUn mese nelle mie foto:

Settembre ci ha portato l’inizio della stagione autunnale:  in Finlandia a fine mese perfino le prime gelate notturne e massime pomeridiane di 10-12 gradi.

In Italia ancora bel tempo per la maggior parte del mese,  adesso anche molti rovesci ed acquazzoni.  Ma settembre ci ha portati anche in vacanza…evviva!! 🙂

Per la vostra curiosità,  vi lascio un paio di link da leggere su eventi che hanno avuto luogo o si svolgeranno in Finlandia e in Italia:

La Helsinki Design Week:

Il Film Festival Amore&Anarchia

Infine (dal sito cultfinlandia) una rassegna artistica che avrà luogo proprio a Roma,  aperta fino a novembre,  dall’inquietante titolo… Suomingorgo:

Non meno importante,  per chi segue il calcio,   la partita Finlandia-Italia che si e’ giocata a Tampere l’8 settembre valida per le qualificazioni ai campionati Europei 2020,  vinta dalla nostra nazionale per 2-1.   In Finlandia il calcio e’ poco seguito:  lo sport nazionale e’ l’hockey su ghiaccio,  li’ si che i finnici si scatenano!

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A month in my photos:

September brought the starting of Autumn,  definitely!  In Finland at the end of the month we had the first frosty nights and afternoon temperatures around 10-12 C.

In Italy still mild weather,  but also rain and storms.  But September brought on some holidays for us too…hooray!! 🙂

For your own leisure reading,  a few links about events going on or already happened in Finland and in Italy in this period:

The Helsinki Design Week

The Film Festival Love&Anarchy

Finally,  an art event open in Rome until November:

For those who follow soccer:  in Tampere on Sept. 8th a Finland vs Italy game,  valid for qualification to 2020 European Championships took place.  Italy won 2-1.  In Finland soccer is not so popular,  the national sport is ice hockey:  Finns give their best as hot supporters with it!

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31 thoughts on “Settembre 2019.

  1. Beautiful, beautiful…
    The texture of the petunia (?) photo is very interesting… and the flowers have a lovely colour.
    Here it’s raining hard now, a splendid autumn day with showers of yellow leaves. 🙂
    Have a happy October! xx

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  2. A lovely mosaic of your September days and I like your header featuring those pretty petunias that you planted. I hope they’re doing well now that the frosts are here. Frost is forecast for our area of the UK also. It’s getting chilly and we have rain. What does Suomingorgo mean? I cannot find a translation and you say that it’s a disturbing word. I would love to be in Rome right now to see the exhibition.

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  3. Thank you, Linda! It is getting fresher in Italy too, little by little; in Finland we will get very chilly weather next weekend. “Suomingorgo” is a funny pun, it means a kind of overload of Finnish things, or information, or productions regarding Finland. You must consider: “Suomi” (which is the Finnish name of Finland) and “ingorgo”, the Italian word for traffic jam! 🙂


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