Tramonto di fine estate.

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Già a fine agosto le giornate si erano accorciate parecchio,  nel nord Europa.  Anzi,  finalmente abbiamo iniziato ad avere qualche ora di buio,  la notte!  Cio’ non toglie che ci siano ancora tramonti mozzafiato:  la natura e’ bella in qualsiasi stagione…

Nelle mie foto:  il lago di Hirsjärvi a Somero.

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Curiosità:  uno dei primi giorni di settembre si è verificata una potente Aurora boreale,   che si è vista benissimo fino nella Finlandia meridionale  (anche grazie al buio);  infatti il giorno dopo i giornali erano pieni di foto meravigliose,  con riflessi del fenomeno sulle acque dei laghi…etc…etc… Ne ho recuperata una dal sito della TV di stato Yle,  è del signor Vesa Harinen:


E dove eravamo noi??  In Italia,  naturalmente!  😉

End-of-Summer Sunset.  

At the end of August days already got really much shorter,  in Scandinavia.  At last we started having a few hours’ darkness in the night!  Sunsets were still gorgeous,  though:  nature is wonderful in all seasons…

A fun fact:  at the beginning of September,  some Northern lights took place one evening;  it was so powerful that it was seen very well even in south Finland.  The next day newspapers were full of fantastic photos:  reflections of the moving lights on the lakes surface…and so on… I could retrieve one shot from the webpage of the state tv Yle,  it was taken by Mr. Vesa Harinen and you can see it here above.

And where were we??  In Italy,  of course!  😉


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46 thoughts on “Tramonto di fine estate.

  1. I hope you’re having some nice autumn weather there now. September is the best month of the year in northern New England. The days are still warm (usually) but not hot or humid like the summer months. We’re probably about three weeks behind you in terms of the season.

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  2. Tranquil lake views. It would be lovely to live in a house by the lake. The big house is impressive, but the red wooden bungalow with the moorings in front would suit me well! I would like to see the Aurora Borealis. That would be a thrilling sight.

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  3. quanta quiete in queste foto, peccato, nella prima, il motoscafo che sfreccia, mi sembra di sentirne il rombo che rompe l’armonia, avrei preferito vedere una canoa passare silenziosa 🙂
    meravigliosa la foto dell’aurora boreale.

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  4. Oh my, you live in a different world in Scandanavia! Didn’t know that Northern lights could be seen so early in the year. At least, you had a beautiful and mysterious sunset! Because I live at 3000 feet, and we had a storm yesterday night, we put on the wood stove, for the first time! Many thanks for showing this beautiful reflection of the lights to All Seasons! Have e a beautiful week:)

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