Adatta per navigazioni interstellari…

Con i migliori in bocca al lupo per la nuova missione Nasa ed Esa in partenza ed in particolare al comandante Parmitano!

Sabato 20 luglio 2019,  l’umanità festeggia i 50 anni dal primo sbarco sulla luna:  il famoso grande passo di Neil Armstrong.  Io per essere originale,  vi propongo di rivedere quei momenti nello scanzonato video di “Walking on the Moon” dei Police (gruppo che adoro).   Buona visione!


Suitable for interstellar navigation…

My best wishes to the newest Nasa and Esa mission departing in a few days and to captain Parmitano in particular!

Saturday 20th July 2019,  mankind celebrates 50 years from the first step onto the moon:  Neil Armstrong’s famous giant leap.  I would like to invite you all to watch againg those moments through The Police’s easygoing video of “Walking on the Moon”.  Enjoy it!


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28 thoughts on “Galattica.

  1. A lovely post and photographs.
    Yes, I remember seeing the first walk on the moon … it was so exciting 🙂

    All the best Jan

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  2. I think that most of us remember where we were on that day fifty years ago. Back then we knew the names of the astronauts and it was a memorable event. Today space travel is so routine hardly anyone pays attention.

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