After the sunset.

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Nuvole rosa e pennellate di colore dopo un tranquillo tramonto di primavera sul Garda.  Oggi siamo sul  riflessivo…  😉

(Il titolo riprende un bel film con Pierce Brosnan del 2004).

After the Sunset.    

Romantic shades of rosy colours after a tranquil spring sunset at lake Garda.  Reflective mood today… 😉

(The title recalls a 2004 action comedy movie featuring Pierce Brosnan).



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70 risposte a "After the sunset."

  1. Many thanks for these beautiful and peaceful sunset moments you captured on behalf of All Seasons! Hope to visit more of the lakes in Italy, next time we are in Italy! These captures all say, come visit me:) Also my heartfelt thanks for your kind and uplifting comments to me weekly – greatly appreciated!

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