Effetto primavera.

*please scroll down for English text*ghiacc (8)cc


La formazione dei ghiaccioli e’ propria della primavera,  quando di giorno le temperature sopra lo zero fanno sciogliere la neve,  che pero’ di notte ri-ghiaccia.  Solo allora la discesa dell’acqua dai tetti crea queste pittoresche formazioni che possono diventare parecchio lunghe e durare finche’ un bel giorno di caldo non le spezza.  Fa parte della bellezza della primavera…d’inverno certo non succede!

ghiacc (6)cc

ghiacc (7)cc

ghiacc (4)cc

ghiacc (5)cc

Alcune bloggers finlandesi che seguo,  hanno piu’ volte pubblicato immagini di gocce d’acqua che cadono da questi ghiaccioli…ho provato anch’io:  ploc!




Spring Effect.      

 Icicles hanging from roofs and dropping are a typical phenomenon in springtime,  when temperatures above zero during the day melt the snow and cold below zero freezes it again at night.  Only in spring the different temperatures allow the formation of these picturesque sticks,  which can be considerably long and last until a warm sunny day breaks them.  In winter it does not happen,  for sure!  It is part of the fascination of spring.

In the last photos,  I attempted to shot a droplet of water.   A few Finnish bloggers whom I follow have posted this kind of photos and I liked them.


30 risposte a "Effetto primavera."

  1. I don’t think your blog wants me to read it, lol. I couldn’t find an English translation and so I chose Spanish and unless my Spanish has really suffered over the years I think I’m reading Italian which I was never any good at.
    Ahh, I need to go back to school…anyway, this sight is all too familiar but I will say it’s melting even though there was a healthy snowfall last night.
    I love a good icicle shot.

    Piace a 1 persona

  2. Stunning captures – it looks like glass:) Icicles are the only thing I haven’t seen this winter – the nights probably do not get cold enough. Many thanks for sharing these souvenirs of winter with All Seasons! Hope Spring and Summer will be as equally as breathtaking for you! Have a great week!

    Piace a 1 persona

  3. Hello, there’s an English version homemade by myself at the bottom of every page… please scroll down. But it is nice also sometimes to go through one’s school memories…LOL! Thanks for your visit and kind comment. Icicles are funny to see!

    "Mi piace"


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