Atterraggio con neve.


E’ sempre spettacolare l’atterraggio negli aeroporti finlandesi,  perche’…sembra di atterrare in mezzo alla foresta!  A causa del numero esiguo di abitanti,  e’ evidente la preponderanza della natura sui paesi e sulle citta’.  Praticamente… la foresta e’ dappertutto.

Queste foto non sono affatto in bianco e nero,  ma nei giorni grigi  quando tutto e’ ricoperto di brina o neve il paesaggio perde i suoi colori e assume una tonalita’ argentea…







Landing with snow.    It is always spectacular to land in a Finnish airport,  as you have the impression of landing…in the middle of a forest!  Forests are everywhere,  due to the low amount of inhabitants and towns look even smaller,  compared to the extension of forests.  

These photos are not black and white at all:  it is the snow,  or the hoarfrost,  together with the grey sky which make nature lose its colours and take over a silvery hue…




Linked to:  Skywatch Friday –  All Seasons – Image-in-ing.  Happy New Year to the hosts and to all the participants!

12 thoughts on “Atterraggio con neve.

  1. Love, love, love the last view with a hint of color – so serene and peaceful. It also gives an impression how much forests Finland has. Many thanks for sharing these views with All Seasons, and your kind New Years wish! Wishing you too a happy and prosporous New Year with many pleasant adventures and surprises in 2018! Stay warm this week:)

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