Una pasticceria retro’.



Durante un recente viaggio nella bassa Normandia,  Risto ed io ci siamo imbattuti in questa deliziosa,  piccola,  vecchia pasticceria nella ridente localita’ di Bayeux.  Era  arredata con un gusto retro’ tutto francese:  stucchi,  specchi,  marmi e decori.






Ci siamo fermati ad assaggiare la “Tarte Normande”,  una squisita torta che solitamente si fa con le mele,  ma che noi abbiamo provato nella versione con le albicocche.  Naturalmente tanto cafe’ au lait per accompagnarla,  anche perche’ il tempo era uggioso.




Fra le specialita’ della casa  anche bonbons e caramelle tipiche della Normandia a base di burro salato…


A retro-style confectioner’s.    During our recent trip to Normandy,  Risto and I have come across a pretty,  small confectionery shop in the centre of Bayeux,  just behind the cathedral.  It was furnished with tapestries,  marble,  mirrors and stucco decorations in an unmistakable French retro style.  We couldn’t but stop there to taste the “Tarte Normande” a delicious cake usually made with apples but in a version with apricots.  There was an atmosphere of by-gone times and the weather was chilly,  so it was pleasant to accompany the cake with some cafe’ au lait.  Among other local specialities:  candies and toffees made with salted butter typical of Normandy.




I will link this post to WATW.  Perjantaimyyssit.  Travel Tuesday.


28 thoughts on “Una pasticceria retro’.

  1. Oh!<3 Did You know I have instant travel fever?! I have learned to drink coffee abroud, I love those cafe´s, just sit and look around…sense the atmosphere! I don´t need so much to do. I want to observe.:)

    By the way, I have always wanted to learn Italian!:) I have a dream about year living in Italy or at least learning some italy…:)

    Thank again Luisella!<3 I liked Your post very much!:)

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