A luglio quest’anno,  come del resto negli ultimi anni,  nel nord Italia abbiamo sfiorato e talvolta superato i 40 gradi C di temperatura,  alla quale si sono spesso aggiunte  parecchia afa e siccita’,  che hanno reso le condizioni di vita difficili per la natura e per gli esseri umani,  specie i piu’ deboli.  Mi e’ capitato di scattare diverse foto che ritraggono animali con la bocca aperta per tentare di traspirare di piu’ ed abbassare la temperatura corporea.

caldone (4)

caldone (6)

Il cigno sul lago di Garda,  il gattino in citta’ e la cornacchia in campagna.

calura (1)

calura (8)

Perfino il gheppio,  uccello da preda piazzato in posizione elevata sui fili elettrici,  cerca di difendersi dal caldo soffocante.

2017aug (15)

2017aug (2)

Dog days!   Last July in the north of Italy daily temperature rose to 40 degrees C and over,  even for a few days.  Moreover,  it did not rain but the air was sticky with humidity,  making it difficult to live well for nature and for humans,  especially the weakest.  I have shot some situations in which animals keep their mouth open,  hoping to perspire more and lower body heat. 

The swan is on lake Garda shore;  the cat is in town and the hooded crow in the countryside.  Even the kestrel  sitting on the powerline,  is having a hard time…



10 thoughts on “Canicola.

  1. Hello! Lovely post! I enjoyed seeing the Hooded Crow, this a bird I have never seen before. It has been extremely hot in Portugal this year.

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  2. Go, Hooded Crow, go! Chase those stupid pigeons! 🙂

    Yes, we in Finland are unhappy with this cool weather, but for the health it’s much better than the heat.
    I know the humid and hot weather of Northern Italy. It’s really frustrating that the air is humid, but it doesn’t ever rain.


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  3. Hello, we have had a cool summer. Not very hot at all. Love the swan, the kestrel looks like it is panting. Beautiful birds and cute kitty! Great photos! Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

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