“My funny Valentine”.

Il cane piu’ bello del mondo, secondo me.   E’ bello anche nel nome: Valentino.  Non e’ mio,  ma di una cara amica e lo rivedo con gioia ogni volta che vado a trovarla.  E’ quel suo colore fulvo,  che me lo fa preferire,  o forse il musetto delizioso…




Valentino ha la fortuna di vivere in campagna e di poter scorrazzare in lungo e in largo,  rincorrere volatili o andare ad amoreggiare con la sua Lilly.  Non se la passa affatto male:  solo ogni tanto deve sopportare che arrivo io e lo strapazzo un po’…



“My funny Valentine”. Valentino is the finest dog in the world, in my opinion.  I like his tawny hair and his lovely muzzle. He belongs to a dear friend and lives in the countryside;  he can go running after mice and small birds;  he can flirt with his beloved Lilly.  Only when I am there he will patiently  stand my fondle…

8 thoughts on ““My funny Valentine”.

  1. Hello, Valentino is a beautiful dog. Sounds like he has a happy home. I like his name and cute photos. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

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  2. I’ve spent too much time around the cat and miss the good-hearted nature of dogs, especially retrievers. Valentino does have beautiful color and a sweet muzzle. I love the shot of that long tongue hanging out.


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