Dedicato agli appassionati di auto:

Per chi ha un animo infantile…2021 (1)2021 (2)2021 (3)2021 (4)

Per gli appassionati di motori…Chic italiano per quest’ultima.IMG_4503IMG_4504


A post dedicated to car lovers!

First:  for the ones who live in a pink world..

Second:  roaring vintage…

Finally:  Italian chic.


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  1. Love that Hot Rod!!

    I took a nap, I saw weirdest dream like ever. You was on it (nothing perv), you was a agent of some intelligence service. You was ex-scecial force member. The dream was like a action movie. After I woke up somebody had called me from Italy. I swear I´m sober, not psycotic and not lying. Talk about weird things.. I´m so not gonna call back, it´s probably some scam anyways.

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