Ultimo giorno d’estate.


X Agosto (8)

Tutti i finlandesi sapevano con certezza che lo scorso 10 Agosto sarebbe stato l’ultimo giorno di questa lunga estate calda.  Perche’…c’erano stati dei chiari segnali:  gia’ le temperature erano scese leggermente,  era giunta arietta piu’ fresca da nord,  il servizio meteo aveva avvertito e infine le scuole stavano per iniziare. 

Per godermi l’ultimo caldo intenso,  io quel giorno,  nel recarmi in centro in bici a fare qualche commissione,  mi sono fermata a mangiarmi un panino in riva ad uno dei laghi di Somero e adesso vi mostro che cosa ho trovato:

X Agosto (9)

X Agosto (3)

  1. Tante piante acquatiche,  fra cui questa che non conoscevo…

X Agosto (4)

X Agosto (10)

2)  Qualche animale,  come le cozze d’acqua dolce

anim di avu(1)


3)  L’immancabile farfalla bianca e questo insetto acquatico piuttosto buffo…

anim di avu(3)

4)  Anche la pulce d’acqua e’ irresistibile,  per come si regge sul pelo dell’acqua…


5)  La libellula,  con le ali irrorate di sole…

anim di avu(13)

X Agosto (6)

X Agosto (11)

X Agosto (12)

Infine,  volevo dirvi che le acque dei 188.000 laghi della Finlandia sono pulite:  talvolta pero’ avendo il fondo in terra argillosa,  assumono quel colore aranciato-beige-polvere,  che pero’ e’ del tutto naturale.


Last Day of Summer.     

Every Finn knew very well that last August 10th would be the last day of this long hot summer.   There were unmistakable signs:  fresher air had come from north-east and temperatures had already dropped,  the meteo forecast had no doubt and schools were about to start. 

Just to enjoy the day,  I stopped for a pic-nic on the shore of a lake in Somero,  on my biking route to the centre;  here is what I found:

1)  A lot of different water plants,  for instance this beautiful flower which was new to me…

2)  A few animals,  as the Swan mussel (Anodonta cygnea)...

3)  The white butterfly and this funny water insect

4)  The Water fleas:  amazing how they can move on the water surface…

5)  The Dragonfly,  with its sun-shiny wings…

Finally,  I would like to reassure you how clean the water of the 188,000 lakes in Finland is!  In some lakes the water colour can be light brown-greyish due to the clay bottoms,  but it is totally natural. 




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50 thoughts on “Ultimo giorno d’estate.

  1. I like the thought of you biking into Somero and then having a picnic by the beautiful lake. The lake shore is home to many water creatures and plants. Lovely photos! Wishing you a good weekend!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hello, what a pretty place to enjoy nature. I love the collection of photos with the mussel, butterfly water flea and dragonfly. Awesome captures. Thank you so much for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend. PS, thanks also for the visit and comment on my blog.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Sorry I started late this week with replying to the blogs. Yay you were the first one:):) Oh my goodness, that is a lot of lakes! Does this mean that many in Finland have some type of boat? Love all the details you chose in, on, and close to the water! The white flowers are so dainty and beautiful! Many thanks for sharing it with All Seasons! Have a beautiful week:)


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