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Ho incontrato tre simpatici scoiattoli affamatissimi mentre stavano facendo una scorpacciata di…beh…non so proprio dire di che cosa!  La vegetazione li’ attorno era la solita che si trova in Finlandia:  pini,  abeti,  betulle,  ontani,  pioppi tremuli.  Le foto sono di meta’ giugno 2017.  Forse qualcuno di voi lettori puo’ sapere meglio di me di cosa si tratta…

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Binge.     I met three cute but hungry squirrels while having a binge of…well…I cannot say what they were eating at all!  The vegetation around was the usual in southern Finland:   pines,  spruces,  birches,  alders,  aspens.  Maybe some of my blogging friends  can know what it is that they are so greedy of?  Photos were taken in mid-June last year.





Linked to:  Saturday’s Critters.

32 thoughts on “Scorpacciata.

  1. Hello, I love these adorable squirrels. Their ear tufts are adorable. Thank you so much for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your day and weekend. PS, thank you for visit and commenting on my post.

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  2. I love the coloring of these critters – and the tufts of hair that stick up (especially on the ears) are adorable.

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  3. Wonderful animals. We used to have them in a wood around a house I lived in many years ago.

    Cheers – Stewart M – Melbourne


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