Non mangiate le margherite!






marketta (1).JPGcc

marketta (4)

Quest’anno abbiamo piantato le margherite nelle fioriere davanti a casa e sono diventate proprio carine,  ci hanno fatto compagnia per tutta l’estate.

(Solo la prima foto non e’ rielaborata.  Il titolo del post ricorda un film degli anni ’60).

Please, do not eat the Daisies!  This summer we chose daisies to decorate our space in front of the main door.  They have grown quite beautiful and colourful,  we have enjoyed all summer long.

(Only the first photo is not edited.  The title of the post reminds a 1960’s movie).

I will link this post with pleasure to Kukkailottelu and FloralBlissThanks to the kind hosts!

6 thoughts on “Non mangiate le margherite!

  1. The 3rd from top – grey scale – looks most beautiful to me. Maybe the autumn has put my mind also to grey scale 🙂 have a nice week.


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