Piccole felicita’…









8jun17 (12)


Una piccola felicita’ per me,  quando mi trovo in Italia in estate senza Risto,  e’ un giro sul lago di Garda con le amiche:  tante chiacchiere,  la serenita’ del lago,  un po’ di shopping e,  dulcis in fundo,  un goloso gelato.


Happy short moments…  

For me a little moment of happiness, whenever I am in Italy without Risto in summer,  is an afternoon spent with my friends at lake Garda:  some gossip,  some shopping,  enchanting lake-view and a delicious ice cream.




Linked to:  All Seasons.  Image-in-ing.  Skywatch Friday.  Thanks to the kind hosts!!



38 risposte a "Piccole felicita’…"

  1. Delicious cioccolato di Modica is the choice that we all share. As for the other flavours we differ, but we all agree on cioccolato di Modica. Guess who has written this message!😋

    "Mi piace"

  2. My geography teacher in highschool love the Garda lake and the Como lake, so our first classes were spent in him showing us his photos, how beautiful it was:):) He didn’t tell us about the scrumptious ice creams you can eat there. Thank you so much for sharing with All Seasons these tempting delicacies and the fun of meeting up with friends! Also, my thanks for the pleasant memories of my favorite teachers! Enjoy your summer week! (writing from my other blog, Jesh StG)

    "Mi piace"


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