Il predatore e la preda.

preda (3)

preda (4)

preda (5)

preda (7)

Una povera disperata coccinella impigliata nella tela di un ragno.  (Fotografata in campagna in Italia).  La Natura e’ anche questo.  La catena alimentare e’ salva:  anche il  ragno,  brutto e repellente, deve mangiare e sopravvivere.


Predator and prey.   

A poor desperate ladybug entangled in a spiderweb.  Nature is also this:  everyone must eat and survive,  even the ugly spider.  (Shot in the Italian countryside).




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32 thoughts on “Il predatore e la preda.

  1. Poor ladybird. Must admit to the rescue of a bumble bee caught in a web. The spider was almost ready to pounce. Once dusted off he happily flew away.
    Great macros! Have a wonderful day 🙂

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